Zeitgeist - Romantik - Zartbitter

on September 3, 2019 at 19:00 o'clock in Glückstadt

The gallery in the old town pharmacy has the motto "Art pharmacy / Pharmacy art?" established in 2018 with various events. With the new exhibition the "loud" pictures give way "quieter". Delicate painting on textured background and for 2 years sewing collages with graphic elements, that is the work of the Hamburg artist dar. The motives are mainly women, mostly melancholic, romantic, playful and sometimes taking on the problems of our time. They vary in their implementation between abstract, figurative and surreal. Unobtrusive they should be and in their often very reduced color spaces reflect only the most necessary and original. In a repetitive process of paint application and scratching out of structures, the special haptics of the pictures are created, making them look like stone tablets. Christin Lamade: 1970 born in Hamburg, educator, art therapist and artist for 10 years as an autodidactor in painting. She has regular exhibitions in Hamburg and Germany.

© (c)Christin Lamade© (c)Christin Lamade