Un baven wahnen Engel

on February 3, 2018 at 19:00 o'clock in Glückstadt

The Glückstädter Speeldeel shows her spring piece "Un baven wahnen Engel", a comedy in three acts by Jens Exler. The two elderly sisters, Helene and Elvira, whom Fate has somewhat neglected to address, are called angels, but by no means behave like celestial beings. They live on the top floor of a tenement. Helene not only subjugates her sister Elvira, but also the neighbors living below her. She has set herself in mind, to get the lower floor apartment for themselves and uses for this purpose all conceivable sabotage means to the respective tenants from this apartment herauszuschraulen. But of course, such a thing is not always good and in the end there is just the receipt for all the jokes. People and their actors: Helene Engel: Brigitte Ruhser Elvira Engel, her sister: Heike Schütt Klaus, her nephew: Axel Leeck Mr. Schlüter, a neighbor: Rolf Sievers Karen, his daughter: Svea Petersson Alma Fritsche, a neighbor: Susanne Lucassen Mr. Babbel, landlord: Franz Bockhorn Toseggersch: Uschi Kelting Director: Karl-Heinz Jopp Stage design: Ebbo Meinert Stage construction and technology: Rolf Mein and Peter Zeidler Theater cash register: Regina Römpke

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