The Baltic in Flames

on August 31, 2018 in Grömitz

Breathtaking firework formations and picture-perfect images light up the night sky over Grömitz as thousands of spectators look on. What an unforgettable experience it is when the Baltic goes up in flames - with befittingly stirring music to match! At exactly 11pm on July 10th, pyrotechnics expert, Otto Reimers and his team will set all the latest and greatest fireworks and lasers alight from their position at the end of Schleswig-Holstein's longest pier. The warm-up party starts at 8pm on the square in front of the pier and on the lawn by Uferstrasse. You can expect to see brand new, show-stopping choreography featuring colourful flames and music - yet again making this professional, aerial fireworks display into Grömitz's premiere event.