on March 24, 2018 at 20:00 o'clock in Engelbrechtsche Wildnis

For 19 years Stew'n'Haggis have been an integral part of the North German folk scene. Among other things, they were even in support of the legendary, British oyster band. In the summer of 1999, Celtic sounds brought André Möller and Ralf Siegner together musically. It does not take long for a colorful mix of Scottish and Irish folk songs to be heard. Urte Eggers logs on an ad and enriches the band with singing and whistles. In record time she finds herself in the splendid art of Celtic flute ornaments. At the same time Ralf can convince his fellow student Michael Fitzner to play in the band. Decisive are the ingenious concerts of Scottish, Irish and local folk bands, the old mandolin of Michael's grandmother and the 60s banjo of Ralf's father-in-law. The pieces are arranged and a band name has to be produced. Ralf is important to have represented equally in the band name Ireland and Scotland. He comes up with the idea of creating the band name from both national courts: Stew 'n' Haggis.

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