on October 3, 2019 at 16:00 o'clock in Glückstadt

I cordially invite you to sing along in a Singphonie. No songs are sung, but simple vowels are tinted. As we overcome our awe and raise our voices, we create a powerful, diverse and harmonious coexistence. (Of course you can just listen as well). Each of us is a sound in a cosmic synphony. The sound vibrations of the common sounding let us feel a unity beyond the personal. Moments of pause invite to meditation. Sound vibrates in silence, inner silence is experienced during the singing. Musical accompaniment: Thomas Greinke: Shakuhachi Flute, Steel-Toung-Drum, Imke Möller - Monochord, Angela Koopmann: Accordion, Marc Witzorek: Percussion, Gongs. To get an impression of this experience, see youtube video: "As in Heaven - Finale". Be a co-designer of a "heavenly Singphonie"! It's easy and great fun !!

© Thomas Greinke© Thomas Greinke

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Am Kirchplatz 19a
25348 Glückstadt

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