Schmarowotsnik - Klesmer

on August 3, 2019 at 19:30 o'clock in Bad Bramstedt

Christine von Bülow (oboe, cor anglais) and Martin Quetsche (accordion) have been singing and playing Yiddish songs and Klesmer music for twenty years. Without amplifier, without text and note, but entertainingly moderated, loll and stomp hard trumpet and squeezing in proper oblique position through a buntscheckiges program! Tickets for the price of 13 or 10 reduced by book and media, at the tourist office and at the box office. Inlet 19 h.

© Klaus Henning Hansen© Klaus Henning Hansen

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Landweg 6
24576 Bad Bramstedt

Schlüsskamp 17
24576 Bad Bramstedt