Schau nicht unters Rosenbeet

on September 25, 2018 from 20:00 to 22:00 o'clock in Pinneberg

A comedy thriller by Norman Robbins, German version by Axel von Koss Dora Henk is a passionate poisoner, Marcus Henk considers himself Caesar and Oliver Henk lives imprisoned in the basement of Monument House because he believes he is a werewolf and howls through the nights. In other words, the Henk family is more than strange. This is also evident when, after the death of Father Septimus Henk, the will is opened and, strangely, no one from the relatives is considered, but only the Schundroman writer Miss Ash - because when old Septimus read her books, he has always slept so well can. That leaves the clan of the Henks, whose hobby it is to kill in many different ways, not to rest - and Miss Ash is no longer among the living. But the now erupting murderous family war will find another seven victims, until the surviving couple should provide for a new family spring ... Director: Maxi Nadler and Mareijke Toschka Ticket prices: 10.00, reduced 8.00