Robin Hood junior

am December 13, 2018 um 16:30 Uhr in Bad Bramstedt

What happened long before Robin Hood became the hero whose story we all know and love? How did young Robin spend his childhood? How did he get to his bow? And how about his virtues? After all, you're not born a hero. The Lichtermeer theater takes its audience into the age of knights and princesses, a time when the boundaries between fairy tales and legend were still fluid. There will be a reunion with all the famous figures of the famous legend: the lousy and power-hungry sheriff of Nottingham, the charming maiden Marian and, of course, Robin Hood and his fearless entourage. These are talking animals in our history living in the Sherwood Forest: a bear, a boar and a squirrel. Experience a magical musical in which the Lichtermeer ensemble brings the companions and adversaries of the young Robin Hood to life with a lot of wit and action. Supported by lovingly designed hand puppets, elaborate shadow play and carried by rousing music.

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