Rache för Paula

am September 28, 2018 um 20:00 Uhr in Glückstadt

Comedy in 3 acts by Alf Hauken Low German by Ferdinand Müsker Paula fell for a marriage swindler. He took her all the money and desperately left her behind. Her three friends decide to help her. The money has to come back and they also demand revenge for Paula. And so the marriage swindler Schorsch is in turn placed on the cross and fed to his just punishment. The three friends do their best and enjoy it, and they'll see if revenge really leads to ruin, and if so who. Sit back and remember: "Revenge is sweet". Contributors: Schorsch, marriage swindler: Karl-Heinz Jopp Karl, secretary of Schorsch: Franz Bockhorn Andrea Lürsen: Renate Bublat Hannelore von Altenburg: Cornelia Kohnagel Natalie Feinlich: Isabel Holz Souffleuse: Uschi Kelting Director: Hans Westphal Stage design: Ebbo Meinert

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