Pinneberger Sportforum 2018

on February 6, 2018 from 10:00 to 14:30 o'clock in Pinneberg

Our population structure is changing. Above all, the population group of the 50+ generation will increase greatly in the next few years and increasingly differentiate. Never have older people been as fit, fit and vital as they are today. Sport and exercise are the key to an active age, they promote the general fitness, self-reliance and life satisfaction especially in older people. It is never too late to start, even if you have not been active for a long time or even never before. The results of sports development planning in Pinneberg confirm this development. There is a high level of expectation among sportspeople that similar offers for older people will be made available and expanded. This year's Sportforum will focus on how Pinneberg should react to the developments and what offers the 50+ generation expects from the local clubs and institutions. The program can be found in the attached flyer. Here you will also find information about registration. Participation is free. The Pinneberger Sportforum is organized by the "Sportallianz Pinneberg", the working group of the three member-strongest sports clubs VfL Pinneberg, SC Pinneberg and SuS Waldenau. The Pinneberger Sportforum is supported and promoted by Sparkasse Südholstein.

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Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 33
25421 Pinneberg

25421 Pinneberg