Original - Traute Kelm

In a retrospective, the studio shows the imagery of a recently deceased Glückstadt resident. Traute Kelm, born in Glückstadt in 1933, has been commuting between two locations, Göttingen and Glückstadt, since the 1950s. She painted and drew and turned it into prints. The gravure press is still in their Glückstadt town today. In addition to etchings, her work also includes watercolors and colored pencil drawings and moves between two directions, the figurative, figurative and the abstract, informal style. Traute Kelm, distantly related to Emil Nolde, was a member of the Göttinger Künstlerhausverein and the “Kreis34” for 41 years and participated in its exhibitions. In Glückstadt she already presented some of her work in the Quasi non possidentes palace, museum and tower. The current exhibition in the Artequarium begins with a vernissage on Women's Day and ends with a finissage on Mother's Day. Her son Fortunatus Heidelmann has already taken part in several group exhibitions in the art aquarium.

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