Morgen war gestern alles besser

on November 17, 2019 at 18:30 o'clock in Bad Bramstedt

The comedian Bernhard Hoëcker will once again take care of the well-being of humanity and facilitate her ascent via his mental step-ladder. How are the things of life really to be seen? Is there any right or almost a wrong? What's that all about? Sustainable, vegan or speechless? Bernhard Hoëcker puts all facts to the test and marinates, turns, dissects and uses them on his mental grill. Only then is prepared ..... Tickets are available from the 1st of July at the tourist office for 27.50 or 25.30.

bernhard-hoecker_morgenwargesternallesbesser_1240-1_xx_cmyk, © Morris Mac Matzen© Morris Mac Matzen