Mördersüppchen und Hexentrunk

on February 11, 2019 at 17:00 o'clock in Wilster

It is dark and foggy around the Wilster church. Dark figures in the streets, music, a sharp scream ... Make a little break in front of the ice cream parlor Rialto. Because that's where things get hot today. The "Landfrauenverein Wilstermarsch" cooks for you a delicious soup, befitting accompanied by an irresistible "Rialto-Hexentrunk". Well then, well, get it!

0211-1700-moerdersueppchen-hexentrunk, © Landfrauen Wilstermarsch (c) Sabine Kolz© Landfrauen Wilstermarsch (c) Sabine Kolz

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Event location
Am Markt 23
25554 Wilster

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