Michael Söth zeigt " Deichbullen "

on March 17, 2018 at 19:30 o'clock in Glückstadt

Deichbullen is an independent series produced by the North German filmmaker Michael Söth and Studio Hamburg Enterprises. Spiked with humor, mysticism, tension and typical North German peculiarities. Two policemen, who could not be more different, are transferred from Hamburg to Kollmar and encounter a mysterious case. What could be North German, as two Hamburg police officers who meet a small village community in Schleswig -Holstein. Pure culture shock! "Deichbullen" is the name of the new series by Michael Söth (including Deichking & Bauernfrühstück). A mixture of "big city area", "arsenic and lace bonnet" as well as "Twin Peaks". In April and May 2015 and 2017 filming took place in Kollmar and Glückstadt. With prominent guest stars such as Ben Becker, Eva Habermann, Andreas Elsholz and Konrad Stöckel. Director Michael Söth as well as some of the actors will give them an insight into the filming and creation of the series in a small Making Of talk. Afterwards we show the first episodes of the dike bulls on the big screen in the old cinema Glückstadt.

© Michael Söth