Michael McDermott - »What in the World«

on March 21, 2020 at 19:30 o'clock in Bad Bramstedt

He is back! Michael McDermott starts his Germany tour 2020 in Bad Bramstedt. "What in the world ..?" This can be translated as "What the hell in the world ... (happening right here!)!" Michael McDermott's new album will carry this title, and Michael will do it in March / April 2020 Michael McDermott is known for emotional songs, crime stories and songs about the dark side of life, the best recent example is the song "Shadow in the window" about the loss of his father from the successful album "Willow Springs" (2016, # 1 of the Euro / Americana Charts.) And he's also political, he's proud to be American, but sometimes deeply ashamed and critical of his US The populism of society, for example, bothers him a lot because he knows we humans are all the same, everywhere: "We are all in this together." He describes our daily problems, fears, worries and joys in quiet piano songs, sometimes in loud energetic rock songs and sometimes in rhythmic harmonies to dance in. The whole thing is rounded off by his haunting, smoky, rocking voice that goes straight to your ear and heart. He will be accompanied by his and "our" Italians (Ciuski Barberis on drums, Alessandro Gariazzo on various guitars, Michele Guaglio on bass and let's see). We expect a firework of rock music and they are allowed to dance, laugh and cry again. In short, he is back in "his" Bad Bramstedt, do not miss him !! Tickets: 28,60 / reduced 26,40, available from now on at the tourist office Bad Bramstedt, Bleeck 17-19 and 29,00 at the box office

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