Melkbuerngeschichten mit Matthias Stührwoldt

The author and farmer Matthias Stührwoldt will give his books a lot of new things in a very humorous way this evening. Matthias Stührwoldt is a farmer and author in Stolpe Kreis Plön. He runs a dairy and forage farm according to the guidelines of the Bioland Association. His first book, "In Love Trecker driving" was published in autumn 2003. Since then, many other books in High German or Low German followed. Matthias Stührwoldt loves to read and tell his texts in front of an audience. It is important to him that he can milk again in the morning, because according to his own statements he has the best ideas when milking. In other words: Without the inspiring effect of milking, nothing would have occurred to me in a long time. Quote from a reader: "I read it to my husband in bed in the evening and he didn't fall asleep!"

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