on December 16, 2018 at 18:30 o'clock in Glückstadt

"Lucia Lights Concert" with the "Lucia-Voices" Direction: Amanda Donina Beloved things are fast becoming a tradition. This includes the festive Advent concerts of the "Lucia Voices". With bell-clear vocals, the seven singers delight their listeners in their varied concert with well-known German and international songs at Christmas time. The 13.12. is the day of remembrance of Saint Lucia, in German "the light full", who lived in Sicily around 300 AD. According to legend, she founded a poor and infirmary and provided persecuted Christians - with a candle wreath on her head to have both hands free. From this legend, the Lucia Festival was born, which is especially widespread in the Scandinavian countries. The "Lucia Voices" slip into the role of the Queen of Lights Lucia with her entourage a few days after this day of remembrance. Her long white robes with red ribbons wrapped around her waist symbolize purity and martyrdom. With the crown of candles on their heads and candles in their hands, the "Lucia Voices" bring a singing light into the dark season and, with their songs set to seven voices, they are a perfect match for the upcoming festive season. Lucia Voices The "singing nation" of Latvia is the vocal ensemble "Lucia Voices": seven young, talented singers who enchant their listeners with the beauty of their natural and clear voices and the informal, thematically designed and sometimes jokingly humorous performance of their subtly arranged songs , All ensemble members studied singing, most of them earned a diploma as a choir conductor and sing in various well-known Latvian choirs. In addition to singing, Sindija, Signe, Monta, L? Va, Laura, Kar? Na and her ensemble director Amanda also play instruments such as piano, violin or saxophone. In their musicality and creativity they were influenced by their teachers Maruta Roz? Te and Maruta Grigale, under which each ensemble member developed his individual sound and thus the radiant, clear overall sound of the "Lucia Voices". After their Germany debut, there was unanimously positive reactions from the audience and from the press: From the first moment the singers from the Latvian Kuldiga enchanted the audience in the fully occupied cathedral. With a crown of light and white robes, red sashes around the waist, the seven Lucia queens entered singing - a delight for the eyes and ears. Meldorfer newspaper, 21.12.2015 Christmas glitter on Saturday in Michel: The Lucia girls with their queen of lights enchant the 2000 guests in the sold-out main church - "Everyone is so taken that hardly anyone dare to clap," says Michel chief pastor Alexander Röder after the entry of the Lucia girls and breaks the ice with it. Hamburger Abendblatt, 14.12.2015