Lesung Henrik Siebold: "Inspektor Takeda und das doppelte Spiel"

on August 11, 2019 at 18:30 o'clock in Itzehoe

Inspector Takeda, meanwhile almost settled in Hamburg, is called to a case that shakes him particularly. The corpse of a man who was brutally executed is found in a shop. And the dead is a compatriot and prominently on top of that: Ryutaro Matsumoto is a professional footballer who is under contract to HSV. Takeda and his colleague Claudia Harms initially suspect a crime in the football milieu. But then they discover mysterious things in the past of the player that reach into high yakuza circles in Japan. And they decide, against every rule, to a secret trip to Japan ... Smart, wide-awake and warm-hearted - Inspector Takeda is the most unusual hero in the German crime scene.

0811-1830-lesung-henrik-siebold-inspektor-takeda, © Henrik Siebold (c) Dörte Hoffmann© Henrik Siebold (c) Dörte Hoffmann

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