on April 17, 2018 from 20:00 to 22:00 o'clock in Pinneberg

Comedy in three acts by Bernd Spehling Director: Susanne Letz The old Reini is free again - and is eagerly awaited back after thirteen years in prison for bank robbery. Unfortunately, Mariedl is only allowed to hug him tomorrow. Therefore, his first home is now the dwelling of his son Maximilian. And that means: a soothing bath and plenty of relaxation. In an apartment that is available to him alone on his first night in freedom. - He believes! Because quickly it becomes clear: In this house is "man" with his housemates never alone! It also becomes clear: Maximilian's cursory guidance for taming these "very special ladies" is not enough to even nearly replace him tonight. So you can look forward to a turbulent, loving, hysterical, uninhibited, foamy, rushing, hasty, frivolous, unpredictable, but above all funny "Lady's Night" ... .. ... also for men!

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