Kutschfahrt in Burg

on October 26, 2017 from 16:00 to 17:30 o'clock in Burg

Pure relaxation promises a cozy carriage ride through the castle and the beautiful surroundings. Burg is one of the most beautiful geest places in Dithmarschen and is therefore also called "pearl of the west coast". During the summer months, locals and guests have the opportunity to explore the air spa every step after registration. We start at 4 pm at the ZOB in Burg. For about an hour and a half, the coach slides across the castle past the most important sights. Then the tour leads through the forest and meadows. At the same time, the coachman often sets out on isolated paths and drives the carriage across the top and the stone through the idyllic countryside around Burg. An excursion for the whole family and guaranteed without stress.

© Soehl M. Thiessen