Kuddels Erben - Tanz auf dem Vulkan

on April 11, 2019 at 19:00 o'clock in Itzehoe

"Kuddel ist tot", the format with real experts from the judiciary, forensic medicine, forensics and forensic psychiatry, enters the fourth round. The experts of the district court Itzehoe have already clarified a crime here three times - and so far the dance school has got off scot-free. But this time it gets a dance teacher and the whole team is upside down. Ben looked good and seemed well-received in his job and in this city - but who can look behind the curtain of the soul? In the fourth episode of "Kuddels Erben", investigators, legal practitioners, psychiatrists and lawyers are pushed to their limits. Because in this case is nothing, it seems. Cause of death? Time of death? Not clear! Are there suspects? Motives? Yes, more than the investigators are right. But the experts do not give up. An interdisciplinary reconstruction of the process provides first plausible hypotheses. Now we have to take a closer look ... down to the smallest detail ... right down to the DNA. And who do we need for the final clarification? Right, you! Because in this case is nothing, but nothing at all, as it seems. Part 1 on Monday, 04.11. and part 2 on Thursday, 07.11.

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