Krimi-Brunch mit Theater Ik's - Mord in der Haifischbar - Lothar jagt den Luden-Mörder

on March 11, 2019 at 10:30 o'clock in Oelixdorf

On this St. Pauli hotspot, the post really goes off: In the shark bar is sung, danced and celebrated! One finds there a rose saleswoman, sailors, light girls, a fat singing bar woman and dubious gentlemen. In the midst of the turbulent activity, the pimp Danzinger is strangled. Was it his "girlfriend" Moni? Or is the landlord Hugo behind it? And why does the rose seller look so innocent? Thankfully, Sergeant Lothar comes to the shark bar at the right time. A brunch thriller with loads of Hamburg harbor air, rock 'n' roll and true love!

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