Krimi-Brunch mit Theater Ik´s - Mord in der Haifischbar II – Hermine und der tote Hugo

on October 11, 2019 at 10:30 o'clock in Brunsbüttel

Host Hugo has blessed the time. He was tragically killed by ingesting a Mettwurst. Suddenly, nothing is as it was. In the chaos Aunt Hermione tries to replace Uncle Hugo. In her "trutty" style she succeeds almost perfectly, and right at the beginning of the shark bar again danced, chanted and sung. Part of the party: a spirited Southern European waiter, a "purified" curb swallow and an ex-policeman with a scratchy wife. Everyone had a relationship with Hugo, so now the question arises: "Who inherits the shark bar?". But why - in God's name - is Aunt Hermione dead right now? Was it murder? The second criminal case in the Haifischbar is garnished with music from the 70's and with a lot of wit and humor.

1011-1030-krimi-brunch-mit-theater-iks_1, © Hermine in der Haifischbar© Hermine in der Haifischbar

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