Konzert im Rosengarten: Rosi und die Knallerbsen

on August 25, 2019 from 11:00 to 13:00 o'clock in Pinneberg

Bangers are loud and unpredictable ... and fun! True to this motto "Rosi and the Knallerbsen" - the band of the Lebenshilfe - kindles a firework of joy and directness, as contagious as the fun of the band at the chaos. When "Rosi" was founded in 1989 in a living group of the Lebenshilfe Schenefeld, they made use of home-made instruments made of packaging, kitchen appliances, etc. ... Only a donation of Aktion Mensch enabled the band to buy drums, guitar and bass, so that "Rosi "Could really dry off now. First, well-known songs were sung, then increasingly composed songs and texted. For simple chord progressions, the "Rosis" sing lyrics that deal with their everyday lives in the living groups or at work. Her joy in playing and her expressiveness are incredible. Freedom is the essence of art - joy, grief, aggression or affection are not only understandable in the "Rosis", but palpable and experienceable. "Rosi and the pernickers" do not want to compare themselves with other rock bands and say "we are not bad for the disabled," but go their own way and show that in EVERYBODY! People slumbers an incredible potential of artistic expression.

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