Kinners, wi möt sporn

on May 14, 2019 from 19:30 to 21:00 o'clock in Pinneberg

Low German comedy "Where is the good old time? Where are the Cavaliers? - Where are my teeth?" - with this sentence grandma Habermehl begins the turbulent, rich in point comedy. Savings measures are the Habermehls into the house, because father Hans is suddenly unemployed. A hastily convened family conference is to make important decisions for the near future - but the two almost grown children Elke and Florian have already firmly scheduled the no longer existing income for driver's license and travel. What to do? Slaughter the piggy bank? Jobbing? - And nobody realizes that grandma already goes her own way - and has already gone ... Walter G. Pfaus succeeds in a very recent comedy - against the background of a very well-known and quite serious situation cheeky, fast, smart, with glossy written dialogues, in which the gags in quick succession just "pop". Comedy by Walter G. Pfaus. Plattdütsch by Klaus Lensch Director: Hartmut Tank

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