Kinderlesung mit Karin Labendowicz - Die kleine Schusselhexe

on June 11, 2019 at 14:30 o'clock in Wilster

The little Witch Witch simply can not remember spells. By mistake she conjured a blue rabbit instead of a black raven. And her witch's house is crooked and wrong. She is laughed at by the older witches. But the little witch witch does not mind. She likes what she conjured. When one day a giant threatens the witches and wants to destroy the witch forest, she has an idea .... Colorful pictures from the Kamishibai theater accompany the story. Anyone who has experienced the narrative theater (Kamishibai) once and has worked with it, understands the magic emanating from the medium. Small and big viewers feel magically attracted when small scenes and big emotions come to life in the wooden box. For children from 4-6 years

0611-1430-1600-kinderlesung-mit-karin-labendowicz, © Stadtbücherei Wilster© Stadtbücherei Wilster

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