Killer Queen III

on February 22, 2018 from 19:30 to 21:30 o'clock in Pinneberg

An exciting killer story with cool cult songs. Viktor is fed up with his life. After losing his job, his beloved girlfriend has left him too. Viktor decides to hire a killer to take him around the corner. But easier said than done! Because the killer or even the killer Viktor is completely surprising during a cruise, park in a lifeboat and leave at the next opportunity overboard. But with all the action on the Killer Queen III, that's almost impossible. Crazy tourists, a stowaway, the elderly lady Trudy Trimphus, who's trying not only to get at a smart guy through elite partners, exhausting and always smiling shipwomen, the surprise lady jam, 4 teens who want to party on board a mega party, the ludicrous entertainer Leslie Coller and many more do not make it easy for the killer. Maybe the next trip? Join us on board for the Killer Queen III. You can expect an exciting, funny story with many cult songs, rock, pop, groovy rock'n'roll up to hits. We look forward to you! Tickets are available online at or in the Pinneberger bookworm, Dingstätte 24, Tel .: 04101-23211.