Justiz und Kultur - Sven Stricker: "Sörensen fängt Feuer"

on June 11, 2019 at 19:00 o'clock in Itzehoe

Humor, suspense and psychological acumen - Sörensen's second case is Crimean food at its best. It's just before Christmas. And just now, something bad happens in the otherwise bleak Katenbüll. The young Ole Kellinghusen runs in the middle of the night, a young woman in front of the car: blind, emaciated, despite the icy cold in the much too thin nightgown. Jette does not say where she's from, she does not name a surname. When Kriminalkommissar Sörensen finally finds out the address, the woman's father is already dead: he lies in the living room, with seventeen knife-sticks in the back. Sörensen does not only have to deal with religious fanaticism, but also with his own demons, because he recently discontinued the medication for his anxiety disorder ... For "Sörensen is afraid" Sven Stricker was nominated for the Glauser Prize in 2017. A film adaptation of the series by and with Bjarne Mädel is in progress.

0611-1900-justiz-und-kultur-sven-stricker-soerensen-faengt-feuer, © Sven Stricker - Sörensen fängt Feuer© Sven Stricker - Sörensen fängt Feuer

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