Jim Knopf & Lukas der Lokomotivführer

on December 13, 2019 at 16:30 o'clock in Bad Bramstedt

A fantastic musical for the whole family The affectionate, thrilling story of Jim Knopf, Lukas, the locomotive driver and the sympathetic inhabitants of the island with two mountains - called "Lummerland" - by the well-known writer Michael Ende is a children's classic. At least the "Augsburger Puppenkiste" helped her with her enchanting staging to immortality. In a new, imaginative and profound version, Theater Lichtermeer tells the exciting stories of fantastic worlds in which nothing is as it seems in the beginning and of a journey that can only be mastered if one has true friends. Lummerland is getting too small for all residents. Therefore the train operation should be stopped. But what is a Lokomotivfuhrer without a locomotive? So Luke decides to leave the island with the two mountains and seek his luck somewhere else. Jim Knopf, who came as a baby in a package on the island, joins him without further ado. With their converted steam locomotive Emma they will one day reach the shore of Mandala. Together they experience great adventures, meet many new friends and Jim even learns something about his origins. At the end of their journey, will they manage to free Princess Li Si from the dragon claws of Frau Mahlzahn? Under the direction of Jan Radermacher and Timo Riegelsberg, the ensemble of the Theater Lichtermeer has created a fantastic musical for the whole family. The humorous and exciting mix of dance, singing and acting fascinates young and old. For all big and small adventurers from 4 years. A theater Lichtermeer production 2018. Book and Music: Jan Radermacher and Timo Riegelsberger based on the bestseller by Michael Ende. Tickets: 13,20 / reduced 9,90 , available at the Tourist Office Bad Bramstedt, Bleeck 17-19

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