Jazzkonzert mit CHAPEAU MANOUCHE

on March 3, 2018 at 20:00 o'clock in Glückstadt

Sinti swing from Oldenburg Two guitars, one violin and one double bass: In this unusual instrumentation the music of the ensemble Chapeau Manouche, founded in 2008, is heard. Based on the style of Django Reinhardt's 20s and 30s, the repertoire of the band includes chanson and swing classics of the time. But the group also knows how to interpret modern jazz standards. The guitarists Manolito Steinbach and Wilhelm Magnus lend the ensemble the characteristic character of the Sintiswing with their energetic rhythm and solo playing. The rarely heard violin in jazz - played by Clemens Schneider - refines the sound of the Oldenburg group, while Benjamin Bökesch pours the foundation of this rousing and joyful music with his earthy bass. Chapeau Manouche does not let anyone sit quietly, but ... ... feet, ... hips, ... hands clapping

© Chapeau Manouche
© Medienagentur Worm

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Event location
Am Markt 4
25348 Glückstadt

Süderstr. 6
25361 Krempe