Holzrücken mit Kaltblutpferden

on February 2, 2020 at 11:00 o'clock in Großenaspe

Cold-blooded horses show their skills in the wintry forest. Precipitated trunks are removed with the help of cold-blooded animals from a wooded area in Eekholter terrain and taken to nearby paths, where they are later removed. This means that no heavy machinery is used - the horses' hooves cause much less damage to the forest floor and the horses do not carry pollutants and exhaust fumes into the forest. Watch the fascinating animals doing their wood back-work in the game park area! A particularly intense experience that is rarely seen! The powerful Schleswiger draft horses are impressive and admirable - and a few loving strokes from the visitors also accept these big, strong animals.

haflinger-501970_960_720, © Pixabay© Pixabay