The Wewelsfleth Concert Band is a dedicated amateur orchestra from the neighboring community of Wewelsfleth. The musicians have traditionally enriched the KulturMärz Glückstadt program. The orchestra was founded in 1955 by pastor Hans Lohse. At that time, the so-called "Dorf- und Werftkapelle Wewelsfleth" primarily designed removals, village festivals, batch runs and church services. In 1975 Heinz Brockmann took over the direction of the orchestra and made the "Wewelsflether Sound" known far beyond the borders of Schleswig-Holstein. Since 2017 Uwe Ehrenberg has been leading the wind orchestra from the idyllic neighboring town at the mouth of the fault. For the KulturMärz 2020 the brass band Wewelsfleth will again present its diverse repertoire in the rooms of the Sparkasse Westholstein at Fritz-Lau-Platz. This evening we can expect a varied mix of concert brass music, pop music and performances of traditional marches and mood music.

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25348 Glückstadt

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