Erntedankfest und -umzug

on July 10, 2018 from 08:00 to 00:00 o'clock in Pinneberg

Already for the 70th time the day for Waldenau-Date begins at 08:00 clock with a hearty awakening by the Spielmannszug Uetersen. 10:00 to 11:00 - Thanksgiving service in the Kreuzkirche. The trombone choir of the Kreuzkirche Waldenau date plays. Parallel to this, children's service in the Boy Scout Yurt. 11:00 am Opening of the fairground and the stands 11:00 -17: 00 - extensive children's program 11:00 -18: 00 - Raffle in the marquee 12:00 -18: 00 - live music in the marquee and on the fairground 12.30 pm - removal of the harvest crown from the church to the fairground; Handover to the parade 13:00 - Beginning of the Harvest Thanks Festive parade through Waldenau date. More than 50 groups, many of them with lovingly decorated theme cars, show the annual course of rural life - from seed to harvest. Historic cars, many pulled by old tractors and six marching bands provide a lot of atmosphere and the right mood. The approx. 5 km long fixed route leads from the fairground via Jappopweg - Nienhöfener Str. - Marketplace - Behrensallee - Waldenauer Weg - Schaafweide - Nieland - Large Field - Waldenauer Weg - Schenefelder Landstraße - Am Stadtforst - Moorweg - Buschweg - Schenefelder Landstraße - Nieland - Ohlkoppel - In de Simp back to the fairground. ca.16: 00 - arrival of the parade on the fairground Presentation of the train and traditional speeches in the marquee, including the farmer couple and the farmer's daughter Until 24:00 - End of the party with DJ Mandrake in the marquee. Sincerely welcome!

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