Du büst bloots tweemal jung

on April 11, 2019 at 19:30 o'clock in Bad Bramstedt

The Fitzbek Theater Club is presenting a comedy by Ron Aldridge this year. German by Horst Willems and translated into Low German by Arnold Preuß. The piece is published by VVB-Verlag. The story of Günter "Bachi" Bach, played by Jörg Peters, deals with the doubts about the meaning and importance of partnership in old age. Is there really something like the second spring? "Bachi" enjoys his newfound freedom and does things to which he feels like, but which are not necessarily his age appropriate. Hereby he not only meets the understanding and joy of his fellow human beings. But that does not particularly bother Bachi. To the chagrin of his daughter Susanne (Julia Pittelkow) and his son-in-law Richard, played by Mika Dieckmann, he spends a lot of time with his friends Thomas (Niklas Dieckmann), Julia (Silke Kühl) and Rosie (Silke Siebrandt). The spirit of his deceased wife Grete, played by Gabi Dieckmann, has the strongest influence on him. On the eve of the wedding, when he talks his friend Thomas away, the trouble is of course inevitable. At the same time, Bachi can not remember anything and is himself quite unhappy about this condition. Especially since he and Rosie had just concluded a "truce" and this now threatens to tip over again. After Julia, the bride, then announces that she also wants to refrain from the wedding, the confusion is great at all. Why the future spouses have suddenly become "bangbüxig", whether the wedding still takes place and whether Bachi thereby finally let go, start afresh and change, we do not want to betray here. Tickets: 11 / reduced 9,90 (reduction only for spa guests), available at the Tourist Office Bad Bramstedt, Bleeck 17-19

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