Die John Galonsy Band rockt das Poppenhuus

on March 16, 2019 at 21:00 o'clock in Engelbrechtsche Wildnis

As so often in the Kulturmärz, the John Galonsy Band is once again giving a concert in the Engebrechtian wilderness with groovy rock music. If the first chords are heard on this evening, experience shows that the dance floor fills up pretty quickly. It is important to the band that their joy of playing be transmitted to the audience as quickly as possible. The group has an extensive repertoire of rock pieces from the past five decades. It offers a mix of styles such as rock, blues, soul, reggae and funk. Characteristic of the sound of the John Galonsy Band are driving beats and guitar-oriented rock. Keyboardsoli alternate with inserts of harmonica or saxophone. Also the polyphonic singing is a trademark of the Glückstädter cult band.

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Herzhorner Rhin 21
25348 Engelbrechtsche Wildnis

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