Die Frauen "hinter" den Grabsteinen

on March 31, 2019 at 15:00 o'clock in Glückstadt

Who were the women who are (not) engraved on the stones? For example, a tombstone, four entries: How to get from "Peter Bey Anno 1778" on his wife "Anna Stüben"? The women on the old gravestones are very exciting - especially those who are not readable at all. How do you start doing research, for example, if you only have a tombstone from 1778 and a name, that of Peter Bey? This short walk from the trail takes you to the old grave steles in the Glückstädter Norderfriedhof. Not many Glückstädter know today that most grave stones carry inscriptions and pictorial motifs on both sides. Rather by accident, I noticed during research that some surnames can only be found on the "back". Originally, the steles stood in the Old Cemetery around the Totenhaus. Other tombstones were recycled, perhaps they belonged to the family, others have entries at intervals of almost 100 years. Join us on a tour of 300 years of Glückstädter family history (n) of a different kind!

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