Die Fliederbären

The musical conscience of an entire generation! With balalaika sound. This time the GALERIE is even represented in the Alte Stadtapotheke with two concerts in KulturMärz. Look forward to an atmospheric evening with stirring music in the usual cozy atmosphere. A colorful spring bouquet of unforgettable melodies from several centuries enchants the audience in such a way that even the toughest wallflower is not spared the handkerchief! Not only acoustically - also optically - these bolides of good mood need not shy away from the strict comparison with the works of the terrific Hellenic sculptors !!! The evening promises a good mood. The lilac bears are Hartwig Lübke, Ulrich Kerwell, Andreas Wohlert and Hannes Schweickhardt. They play pieces from their repertoire such as "Pott Leek", "Little Green Cactus", "Herr Ober, Zwei Mokka" or "Kapitän". What is special about the band with the Balalaika sound: They inspire everyone from teen to grandmother who have heard them once.

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