Die Augen des ewigen Bruders

on July 3, 2019 at 20:00 o'clock in Glückstadt

A story by Stefan Zweig. Read by Nicolo Kramer. Musically framed by Ben Hansen - clarinet The story of Stefan Zweig takes the listener far into the past into the old India. The miraculous way of Virata, who became the first warrior in the empire, the supreme judge and the greatest of sages, has an amazingly recent relevance despite the three thousand years that separate us from him. In his poetry of this ancient Indian epic, Stefan Zweig deals with power and responsibility, war, violence and the loss of innocence and finds an unexpected solution for his main character ... Nicolo Kramer is a passionate singer and reader. He lives with his wife for many years in Krempe. Ben Hansen - The Hamburg artist plays the clarinet in numerous jazz formations in northern Germany.

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