Das letzte Feuer

on February 11, 2019 at 18:30 o'clock in Wilster

The year is 1676 and we are in Wilster. Three women have been held in jail for well over two years, tortured and humiliated. Again and again, their alleged offenses are being negotiated. With every court hearing, the town councilors earn money from the city. How will the drama end for the women? With banishment? With death? The Förderverein "Historische Rathäuser in Wilster" has filmed a film about the last witch trial in Schleswig-Holstein with Leo Leiser / appel entertainment. 15 breathtaking minutes in a place where this episode of witch hunts almost 350 years ago actually took place.

0211-1830-das-letzte-feuer, © (c) appel entertainment/Holger Stamm© (c) appel entertainment/Holger Stamm

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