Crime and Wine - Jobst Schlennstedt: "Lauerholz"

on August 11, 2019 at 19:30 o'clock in Itzehoe

Two teenagers are found dead on a meadow at the Lübeck Wakenitz. Everything looks like suicide, but a small detail disturbs. KHK Birger Andresen investigates the matter and encounters inconsistencies in the lives of the students. And on people who are strangely indifferent to the death of the two. An unexplained missing case finally puts the investigators on the right track, but suddenly the situation threatens to escalate ... Jobst Schlennstedt grants a very first look in the brand new band of his Lübeck series.

0811-1930-crime-and-wine-jobst-schlennstedt-lauerholz, © Jobst Schlennstedt - Lauerholz© Jobst Schlennstedt - Lauerholz

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