For the first time, the two choirs "The Singing Hearts" and the "Liedertafel Kollmar" invite you to a choir afternoon in the town church of Glückstadt as part of the KulturMärz. The Singing Hearts choir community started their hobby in 1998. In Nikolai Schwarz they found a dedicated choir director who leads and supports his singers on the accordion. Today, nineteen members practice regularly in the parish hall on Kirchplatz. Russian and German folk songs are sung, sometimes quite classic, but also a little more modern. The Kollmar Liedertafel has existed since 1877. Every Thursday, the choir members from the wide area around Kollmar meet for a choir rehearsal under the direction of the choir director Stefan Haack. Mainly German choir and folk songs are rehearsed.

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Am Kirchplatz 19a
25348 Glückstadt

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