Benefizkonzert des NDR

am October 24, 2018 von 12:00 bis 17:00 Uhr in Bad Bramstedt

A concert visit during the lunch break, in between when shopping or after work - and almost incidentally do something good. That's the idea of the tour. The Horst & Hoof Band is looking forward to many visitors. She plays on the mobile stage in favor of the Red Cross Youth. Horst Hoof, Dennis Brandau and Jan Röschmann bring songs that are fun. Current and unforgettable hits are included. In front of the stage we set up our box and collect donations for the Youth Red Cross Bad Bramstedt. Of course, the project partners are also involved. They talk about their work, answer questions and come up with some ideas to illustrate their commitment. Clubs, initiators and volunteers of all tourist destinations have one thing in common: they are grateful for any support and hope that as much money as possible will come together for their project

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Hamburger Straße 53
24576 Bad Bramstedt

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