Ausstellung in der Galerie 11

on March 21, 2019 from 15:00 to 18:00 o'clock in Itzehoe

The exhibition "on the road" will be opened on Friday, March 15, at 6 pm, and then runs until May 4 (until the evening of the Cultural Night!) At the following opening times (or by arrangement): Thu + Fri 3 pm to 6 pm and Sa 10:30 to 13 clock. On display are paintings by Ben Siebenbrock (1951-2018) and ceramic works by Britta Hansen. Since 1991, Britta Hansen has been working with glazed ceramic panels as picture carriers, reminiscent of tiles in their square format. She combines drawing, painting and sculpture in a variety of ways. The shape of the brooch or medallion preserves the intimacy of the scenes. On a larger scale, her works appear like voluminous picture bodies hanging on the wall. Her ceramic objects tell of classical myths, humorously showcase mythical creatures. Ben Siebenrock (1951-2018) was primarily a sculptor. From his huge boulders, sawed vertically and with colored glass blocks, stands one on the grounds of the IZET. In addition to shapely sculptures and sculptures surprisingly fine works on paper, travel sketches in watercolor, which bear witness to his virtuoso handling of color. Galerie 11 has existed since 2002. With the exhibition "on the road", the art historian Bettina Winkler-Marxen introduces herself for the first time as a gallery owner. In addition to professional art exhibitions, the bright, centrally located gallery gives space to various events.

© Foto Bettina Winkler-Marxen© Foto Bettina Winkler-Marxen
© Foto Bernd Perlbach© Foto Bernd Perlbach

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