Andreas Viebrock singt Lieder von Reinhard Mey

A Reinhard Mey song recital in the stucco room of the Wasmer Palais. Almost a tradition, Reinhard Mey fans can look forward to a song recital with Andreas Viebrock in Kulturmärz 2020. That evening Andreas Viebrock will present a whole series of newly rehearsed songs in addition to some favorite pieces. Reinhard Mey connoisseurs, for example, can look forward to “Everyone running”, “Some dork always mows somewhere” or “Another song” - but nothing more is yet to be said at this point. Also this year there is a colorful mix of songs, as colorful as life itself, sometimes contemplative, sometimes with a humorous look and with a wink - but also a critical look at ourselves and society will not be missing. As is known from Reinhard Mey pieces, as always, songs that life writes are in their fullness. Andreas Viebrock brings these pieces to life - his sensitive interpretation of the songs invites you to dive into the world of music and poetry for an evening.

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