Andreas Viebrock singt Lieder von Reinhard Mey

on February 3, 2018 at 20:00 o'clock in Glückstadt

A Reinhard Mey - song recital in the wonderful ambience of the stucco room. Last year Andreas Viebrock was there with a Mey, Hoffmann, Wader song recital in the Kulturmärz. This year he presents a selection of his favorite songs by Reinhard Mey, starting with "I wanted to sing like Orpheus" on "Arrive Friday the 13th" to songs like "I'll take you through the night" and "Good cows will go to heaven". Like last year, Andreas Viebrock accompanies himself again at the piano. Let yourself be enchanted by moving songs that, always taken from the life, sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes make you smile, sometimes look deep into the soul of society or even stimulate hearty laughter when, for example, Baumarktaffine men feel caught or their Women can not deny similarities with their spouses.

© Andreas Viebrock
© Medienagentur Worm

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