Andolino’s Zaubershow

on February 3, 2019 at 15:00 o'clock in Glückstadt

Every time the great wizard Andolino, together with his great love and assistant Edella opens his magic suitcase, the strangest things happen ... Andolino always pretends to lay down the perfect magic show. But then everything gets mixed up again: Either his magic elephant Lölö has reorganized his magic suitcase and secretly packed the craziest things. Or Tipsy, his magic mouse, shows up in the middle of the program and upsets the whole performance. To top it all off, his mother calls ... Fortunately, Andolino has his assistant Edella, who swings the mop to tango and cleans the stage in no time. Before that, however, the audience will be brought to a shine. Because children love it, when Edella polished hands, glasses and feet with the magic wand. Then it can start with Andolinos & Edellas magic show, if Edella just would not have such a toothache ...

© Andolino© Andolino

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Große Nübelstraße 21
25348 Glückstadt

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