Aerial view of Ahrensburg Castle

Castles, manor houses and churches

Whether it’s a moated castle or a mansion – the majestic residences and estates are rich in historical treasures and artworks. Magnificent rooms with elegant curtains reveal the lives of counts, dukes and barons. Here you can find out more about the “fashions and trends” of earlier times.

In the footsteps of nobility

Breathe in the refined air in the magnificent buildings – on a tour of the castle, on a coach ride or at a classical concert. Even to “sleep like a king” doesn’t have to be a distant dream. Some of the country estates and farms offer holiday apartments and guest rooms. The surrounding countryside and baroque gardens tempt you to take walks and relax.

Castles and manor estates

Schloss Ahrensburg
Schloss Plön
Wasserschloss Glücksburg
© Beate Zoellner
Schloss Eutin
Kultur Gut Hasselburg
© / Oliver Franke
Luftaufnahme Schloss vor Husum
Schloss Gottorf in Schleswig
© Ostseefjord Schlei GmbH / Matzen

Monuments of peace and spirituality

rom Flensburg to Lauenburg, from Husum to Fehmarn – all over Schleswig-Holstein, our churches invite you to discover cultural treasures or find some peace and quiet. As places of contemplation and cultural history, monasteries, cathedrals and churches represent important staging posts for pilgrims and holidaymakers. Their architecture tells the stories of past epochs; their furnishings bear witness to deeply held faith but also citizens’ wealth.

But this may also be the very place where you experience your very own thrilling moment: at a concert rehearsal which you happen to catch during a visit, or on a night tour during which you discover unknown rooms.

Churches, monasteries and domes

Pilgrimage in Schleswig-Holstein

Did you know that Schleswig-Holstein offers you the ideal conditions for a pilgrimage? You can find beautiful natural countryside and cultural landscapes between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Here you can experience peace and quiet, find yourself and recharge your batteries.

Three pilgrimage routes lead from Scandinavia and the Baltics through the State along old trading routes such as the Ox Trail or the Old Salt Road: Via JutlandicaVia Baltica and Via Scandinavica. But it’s also possible to get out for a while and gain some perspective away from the familiar pilgrim routes. On the Eiderstedt peninsula, the parish of Oldenswort offers pilgrimage tours taking from a single day to several days.

Weg entlang der Alten Salzstraße