St. Peter-Ording

Beaches that stretch for kilometers, unique dune landscapes, skimming sand yachts and houses built on stilts – this is what many people associate with St. Peter-Ording, the biggest settlement of the Eiderstedt peninsula on the North Sea coast. These images are the result of numerous portrayals in German TV series and films. The amazing natural scenery has inspired countless artists, writers and of course holidaymakers. Spend some time on the incredible beach, twelve kilometers long and two kilometers wide, and discover how words like ‘expanse’ and ‘space’ take on a completely new meaning. There is plenty of room here for the active and sporty, quiet walkers and nature fans without anyone treading on someone else’s toes. It’s not only amateur sportspeople who indulge in kite surfing, wind surfing, sand yachting and beach volleyball here – it’s also where the world sporting elites meet for their world championships.

The traditional stilt houses can be seen from far away, standing high above the water, braving every storm and tide. They can be found in every section of the beach and provide protection from the waves for restaurants and lounges, as well as the DLRG, the German Life Saving Association. The first stilt house was constructed in St. Peter-Ording in 1911 – although this first example was far from stable. Today 15 stilt houses stand on the beach, on sturdy tree piles that are anchored some 5 metres deep in the ground and have cross-braces to provide protection from ice floes as well. The stilt houses have become the emblem of St. Peter-Ording and are a favorite with both young and old.