Flensburg lies in the far north of Germany. In fact, you can’t get much further north and stay in the country. No other town in Schleswig-Holstein has such Scandinavian charm: small and colourful fishermen’s houses, old markets and squares, sun-yellow captain’s and merchant’s courtyards, venerable schooners, old steamers. Here you will experience two languages, two cultures, but a shared history. For 400 years Flensburg belonged to the Danish crown. That has left plenty of traces and created an exciting diversity of cultures that continues today – for the town, the country and the fjord.

Flensburg is the number one shopping town between Hamburg and Copenhagen. If you go on a shopping trip here you’ll benefit from the unique cultural mix, can fill your shopping bags with German and Danish trend articles, stroll through glazed arcades, admire cosmopolitan window displays and discover romantic courtyards. Look forward to quirky tattoo parlours and a wealth of small specialty, art, design and antique shops which liven up the town and fire the imagination of visitors.

In the Christmas season the citizens of Flensburg transform their city into a sea of lights. The aromas of cinnamon, hot punch and fried sausage waft seductively through the air, and in little Christmas stalls traders present craft works of both German and Danish design – from north to south and from market to market, all through the city. The Kapitänsweg or Captain’s Trail is another feature that leads you right through the city. It starts at the Harbour Museum, the landing jetty for old sailing ships, and leads past the Maritime Museum. As you walk along the alleys you will sense the ambience of bygone centuries: barrels full of rum, tarred rigging, salty air. The port city was home to a brisk trade that extended all over the world.

Today Flensburg is Schleswig-Holstein’s third largest city and its most successful manufacturing location. It’s not just driver penalty points and the revolutionary eroticism of sex-shop founder Beate Uhse that come from Flensburg: it’s also where the largest silverware manufacturer in the world, Robbe & Berking, manufactures its fine table silver and where the Flensburg shipyard builds the famous RoRo ships. Flensburg is home to the famous "beer with a pop!“ (referring to the sound of the swing top bottles), fine rum from the Caribbean, top-quality paper, and plenty more...