Flensburg Brewery

The "Flensburg Pilsener", with its extraordinary, herby flavour, is supplied in the famous swing-top bottle. The man to thank for this awareness of tradition is consul Emil Petersen, who led the company in the 1930s and who was also insistent on sticking to the proven swing-top bottle, whilst all his competitors turned to the crown cork. Perhaps he was already aware that the "plop" of the opening of a bottle of Flensburg would one day become one of the sounds most associated with the flavours of northern Germany.

As a member of the German association of free brewers the company feels duty-bound to preserve typical regional beers and the art of traditional brewing. Because only the diversity of regional specialities make the German beer market so unique.

The Flensburg brewery now produces eleven different types of beer, and even markets the "Flensburg Water", which bubbles up from the company’s own Flensburg Gletscherquelle source, 270 metres below the ground.

Anybody who wishes to learn more about Flensburg beer, its production and range is invited to attend one of the regular brewery tours.